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Lynden United Methodist Church extends to all the hand of friendship and faith, believing every person is of sacred worth. We commit ourselves to the hospitality Jesus taught, by creating a place of safety and spiritual sanctuary for people in all stages of their faith journey.

Pastor Conrado invites you to join us in the journey of faith. Regardless of your situation, you are welcome within our doors. Worship service is 10:30 AM each Sunday.

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Tuesday, November 21st

Sew-N-Sews meet to work on charity quilts

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Wednesday, November 22nd

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Financial Contributions are being accepted for our Annual Christmas Families project. The food to fill all six family baskets costs approximately $600. You can give your donation to outreach chair Paula Hardman or mark "Christmas Outreach" in Offering.


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    November, 2017


    During Laity Sunday, we recognized all our members who are now in their 90s. We honored them for their love, faith and valuable service to the church. Doris, Clair, Anne, Bernice, Eleanor, and George have really raised the bar on how true Christian love can be displayed. Indeed, it’s true that those "planted in the house of the Lord will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green." (Psalm 92:13-14)

    So if you want to know the beauty secret of our senior members, this verse says it all. No need to search for the fountain of youth. Incidentally, I’m happy to announce that Doris is back from the rehabilitation facilities. She’s at home resting while waiting for her full recovery. She is in high spirits even at 98. Oh, we can’t wait to see her blow 100 candles in her cake two years from now!

    From the seniors, we now go down the age bracket to cheer for the kids of our church. We rejoice when we see young kids who will carry the torch even after the flame in ours have already been extinguished. We want to see the day when many more small feet will make their way to our church. We look forward to seeing these kids of today be the good, Christian youth of tomorrow. To the parents and grandparents of these children, thank you very much for investing time and effort in shaping their spiritual lives.

    We also celebrate the various ministries being offered by our different church committees:


    SPRC (RON)








    UMM (FRED)



    We are grateful to God for all our committee leaders who in their unselfish commitment are making the ministry enjoyable and pleasant.

    Are you still not in any of these groups? You are all encouraged to serve our church community with your presence, prayer and gifts. If you are interested to join any committee, you are free to sign up and enjoy serving. This would be a very interesting experience for everyone especially to those who are new in the church.

    We are jubilant to know that Gaylen is now recovering from a major lung surgery. We thank God for this magnificent work of medical science and most of all God's wonderful grace and miracle there which from life springs back once again. Let us continue to pray for those with health concerns. We continue to lift those who are also on the prayer list: Jack, Peg, Deannie, Doris, Bernice, and Margie, unto the mighty hands of our Lord. Blessings of health in body, mind and spirit be with them.

    Finally, I want to thank you for actively showing your love and support during this October's observance of Pastor Appreciation Month. I am very humbled and touched by your kindness and generosity.

    Before I close, I would like to share with you once again a part of the message from the past Sunday’s sermon; "The world you desire comes not by chance but by change."

    The world God is trying to shape through the ministry of the church will not be established by chance or luck but through the able disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Be the change today!

    Pastor Conrado